Aleh Ferreira

January 03, 2023

Cantor e compositor brasileiro nascido no Rio de janeiro.

ALEH é dono de um timbre original que marca a sua identidade musical. 

O artista que traz na sua bagagem a influência de Jorge Benjor, Tim Maia, Marvin Gaye e Bob Marley e do samba clássico, tem um  estilo musical que ele mesmo define como mpb soul samba groove, o nome de seu disco de estréia.

De suas influências, destaca-se a Banda Black Rio, ícone do Funk-Soul brasileiro dos anos 70 e que foi redescoberta em Londres em meados dos anos 90. Projeto que ele ao lado de seus parceiros, reeditou e se integrou em 2012 para uma tour pela Europa passando por Paris, Londres, Amsterdam e Antuérpia.

Aleh Vídeos

Aleh Aúdios

Jake Shane

February 23, 2023

Jake Shane grew up in Springfield, Illinois. He got lost in the recesses of the early blues and American folk traditions and found himself living in Nashville, where he recorded his debut album, Ancient Fire (2012), and spent time working for legendary singer-songwriter John Prine.


Jake later moved to Madrid, Spain, where he wrote the songs to his second album, Evening Sounds. Martin Chilton from The Daily Telegraph has written about this record: "Jake Shane's album Evening Sounds neatly blends folk, Americana and even some Spanish influences from his time in Madrid in pleasant melodies with some clever lyrics on songs such as 'Before Winter' and 'Seascape'. An enjoyable listen."


After two years in Madrid, Jake became itinerant for three years, spending a few months in a dozen places, including New York, Oaxaca, and Santa Fe. Jake continues to refine his image-driven lyrics and explore the eternal questions through American roots music with Spanish overtones, forming a sound entirely his own. His third full-length album, Water To Land, is due for release in April. 

Videos and Songs

“The Upper Sun” by Jake Shane (video):  

“Queen Of Eternity” by Jake Shane (video):   

“Seascape” by Jake Shane (audio):   


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Gui Hargreaves

May 28, 2023

Travelling around the world in 2016, playing gigs in jazz clubs, cafés, and other intimate small venues, to be close enough while reaching for the unknown world of first time listeners out there, with the most of his voice and guitar solo acts; from Italy to England and all the way across to the USA (coast to coast, west and east), Gui Hargreaves discovered his songwriting to communicate internationally, musically, even poetically, independently on the language.


Having recorded Braseiro in Belo Horizonte, in the legendary Bemol Studio, right in the middle of Minas Gerais state’s mountain chains, as an exercise of what he was performing and experimenting for the past few years. The international “chain of gigs” lead his Braseiro solo tour to meet the invitation that ended up consolidating his second album: Volta.


Fim do sem fim

Eternidade  (videoclipe)

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